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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I was sick for a long time. Far too long. I burned out three separate times until I hit that existential point where I know I had to do something. So I committed to a wellness journey 


After going through a long ordeal, I discovered so many incredible things. From the teaching of Jay Shetty, to the unique value proposition of Joe Dispenza, I found a path to my wellness. 

I specialize in helping empaths navigate the business world as well as thrive in their personal life through mindfulness. 

But I will work with anyone who is committed to constantly growing and evolving in their journey. 

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  • Stanford: Bachelor of Economics, History Minor

  • USC: Master of Accounting

  • UCLA: MBA 


  • Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach

  • HBS: Developing yourself as a Leader

  • Certified Chief of Staff

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